I’ve survived my trip abroad! Was really good. I didn’t exactly do a lot of conferencing, but I did all I was required to.

Prague is an incredibly pretty city, but some of the touristy areas are a bit tacky to say the least. However they have a truly excellent public transport system and I managed to ride on all the different components at least once; these being: bus, tram, metro, and train. Train (vlacek) was particularly exciting: a little run down, but they have buckets of charm which is sadly lacking on British trains.

Czech food is utterly awesome, consisting largely of salt, fat, and lots of red meat. Non-potato vegetable is rare. Nick heartily approves.

In contrast to previous adventure destinations such as Hull, Prague has an awful lot of things to do (i.e. more than three). So I ended up wandering around without visiting anywhere in particular. This turned out to be a good idea as I achieved high coverage with low expenditure.

I took rather a lot of photos which I’m going to caption and split up into a number of exciting episodes! In this, the first episode, Nick zooms through the skies and visits several communist landmarks before retiring to his bourgeoisie hotel.