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Ideas for next xcowsay version

These are some of things I’m thinking of adding for xcowsay 1.1: Think mode: draw a thought bubble like cowthink in the original cowsay. Dream mode: display images in the bubble. Draw the bubble with Cairo and anti-aliasing. Translations. A few bug fixes ;-). Thanks to everyone who downloaded xcowsay 1.0!!!!! 😀

Beta version of xcowsay panel applet

I’ve written a GNOME panel applet based on the xcowsay source code. It doesn’t do much at the moment – click it to run xcowfortune. If you want to try it out, get the source code here. You’ll need to configure it with –prefix=/usr or set BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH for GNOME to find it.

xcowsay 1.0 released!

Woo! xcowsay is now finished! Download it here. Please add comments, bug reports, suggestions, whatever. UPDATE: Now on freshmeat!

Telepathic Cows

Next version of xcowsay may feature telepathy… Use case? IRC messages appear as cowz!!! Awesome.

Another xcowsay release!!

Yes yes yes!!! xcowsay 0.7 has been released!!!! This version has: A config file! checkout the man page for details Can specify as many words as you like on the command line and they’ll all be joined together Get it here!

xcowsay 0.5

The next release of xcowsay is out! New features in this version: Click the cow to make it go away Specify the cow size with –cow-size=(small|med|large) Get it here

xcowsay on OS X

Apparently xcowsay works on a Mac too… woo! 😀

xcowsay 0.4.1

Fixes a bug in xcow(fortune|at) on Ubuntu xcowsay-0.4.1.tar.gz


OMG LiKE… xcowsay-0.4 is released. New featurez: Automatically calculates your reading speedz! Gets it here