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Archives for November, 2009

Adding similar songs from LastFM to your MPD queue

Here’s a cute hack which uses LastFM to find songs similar to the one currently playing in MPD and add them to your playlist: more-like-this.rb. To use it just run more-like-this while MPD is playing and 10 similar songs will be appended to the playlist. Give it a numeric argument to add a different number. […]

Newbury and Donnington Castle

Despite the weather forecast threatening two drops of rain all day today it was nice and sunny when I got up so I decided to venture down to the other end of Berkshire: Newbury. Unfortunately, just as I arrived there it clouded over and got a bit miserable, but at least it didn’t rain. Here’s […]

Getting GRUB2 to dual boot Debian and FreeBSD

Just installed FreeBSD 8 on a spare partition of my computer. Was planning to use the Debian-installed GRUB to boot it, but when I went to edit GRUB config files they had changed beyond recognition. GRUB 2, it seems, is very different to GRUB 1. For the benefit of anyone else who has a similar […]


The weather has been terrible this weekend here in Berkshire: very wet and windy. However, the forecast promised sunshine this afternoon, so being optimistic, I decided to go for a walk up to Marlow. I really had fun, despite getting a little cold and muddy. First I went through Maidenhead Thicket, which is a nice […]

Washing machine woes

My washing machine has developed an unfortunate fault where the drum will slowly fill up with water at the rate of about one inch per eight hours. This happens even when the machine is switched off. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the mechanism as it will happily drain away again when it’s […]

Staines: not my most inspired day out

Today I decided I would go for a walk down the Thames to Magna Carta island near Runnymede. For the location of such an important event in British history it’s surprisingly difficult to find. Perhaps part of the confusion stems from it not actually being an island, as a map shows. I had predictably left […]

Important safety warning

I just brought a shredder so I can securely destroy sensitive documents. It’s rather good fun! After unpacking it I dutifully read the safety warnings. Unfortunately, I am confused that the product seems to have a dual function as a toaster. Cannot work out where to put the bread: slot is too small! Instruction manual […]

Updated Ruby BibTeX parser

I’ve updated my Ruby BibTeX parser as the version on this site was quite old and a number of people had sent patches and other suggestions. The latest version: rbib-0.2.tar.gz