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Hualien and Taroko Gorge, November 2015

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Work trip to Taipei, May 2015

89 Photos

Taiwan August

Work trip to Taipei, August 2015

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Hong Kong

Weekend in Hong Kong, September 2015

172 Photos

Taipei November

Around Taipei, November 2015

53 Photos


Pingxi branch line, November 2015

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Hualien and Taroko Gorge, November 2015

82 Photos


Taitung and Ludao, November 2015

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Shanghai and Suzhou

Shanghai and Suzhou, November 2015

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Hong Kong Winni

Weekend in Hong Kong, November 2015

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Suzhou Saturday

Saturday exploring Suzhou, March 2016

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Day trip to Nanjing, March 2016

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Day trip to Tongli, March 2016

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Day trip to Hangzhou, March 2016

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Shanghai April

Day in Shanghai, April 2016

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Wet Temples

Temples in Shanghai and Suzhou, May 2016

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Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill, May 2016

30 Photos

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