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Archives for 2009


Another week, another activity day! This week I walked along the section of the Thames Path from Maidenhead to Henley-on-Thames. Nice weather and very pretty countryside. Henley itself is incredibly posh, as you might expect from BoJo’s former constituency. I felt a bit out of place with my £3 off-the-tubes t-shirt and backpack. Won’t be […]

New plant

I have a new plant! It’s name is Big Plant, on account of it being significantly larger than my other plants. Here it is: This photo is a bit out of date, as Big Plant now resides in its own big orange pot. Also, I finally have my own watering can! So handy for those […]

Activity day

Since both my day job and most evening activities mostly involve staring at computer screens, I have implemented a new doctrine called “activity day” which requires me to go outside for one day a week and perform some non-computer activity. Preferably this activity is cheap or free. On the first official activity day I visited […]

Samsung Q320 Fn-key release hack update

Earlier I posted a hack to get the Linux kernel to send synthetic key release events for the Fn-keys on a Samsung Q320. But I forgot about actually submitting the patch to the kernel developers until today. However, it looks like this hack will be unnecessary as of 2.6.32: Hi Nick, On Sep 19, 2009, […]

Photos of sunsets

I can see some lovely sunsets from the window here, but my attempts to take photos of them have been a bit of a failure. If I leave the automatic settings on it comes out either very bright or very dark, but generally fail. Experiment! Set the ISO setting very high and made these: Lots […]

Exploring the ‘hood

What have I been doing during my blogging absence? Working! While not working last weekend I walked from my home to Windsor. I thought this would be exciting, but it turned out to be incredibly dull. Highlight must have been walking over the M4 flyover (no, really). I really like this photo for some reason. […]

Tubes back again!

Woo! I’ve been reconnected! Tubes seem a little unstable: been disconnected a few times. I think it’s still in the training mode. Was quite excited when it originally synced at 12Mb/s, but it’s dropped back to 9Mb/s – not complaining though :-). I’ve almost finished unpacking my things, but I still need to acquire a […]


Tomorrow I’m moving to sunny Berkshire so there will likely be a lack of posting for a while until intertubes are connected up. My blogging activity has been furious today, anyhow. Quite excited but also a little nervous about re-homing. Also starting a new job on Monday: although I lose my tax related student benefits, […]

Final set of Prague photos

Finally we come to the end of my holiday bloggings. In this, the final episode, Nick finally gets to ride on vlacek! I went on a train journey to Karlštejn, not a destination chosen entirely at random, as the guidebook said it had a nice castle: and it did! It’s 33km south east of Prague […]

Giant potato

We interrupt coverage of my holitag with news of a humongous potato that has been spotted in our kitchen. It measures approximately 14cm by 11cm. Here it is next to a grape and a ruler: Normal programming will resume shortly.