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Archives for April, 2012

Portable high resolution timestamps from stat

A small nugget of information that might be useful to someone: The standard timestamps in struct stat have type time_t which only gives a resolution of seconds which is less than required in many situations. Luckily most operating systems provide a higher resolution timestamp within struct stat but the field name differs among Linux, BSD, […]

VHDL compiler improvements

A while ago I posted about a VHDL compiler I’d started writing. Well I’ve been working on it a bit during the evenings and weekends and it’s acquired several new features. Probably the most significant is that it can now compile the standard IEEE std_logic_1164 and numeric_std packages as well the Synopsys std_logic_arith and std_logic_unsigned […]


I went to Munich for a few days last week with my friend Kelly. Mostly it rained so thankfully there were plenty of indoor museums to do. But on the one sunny day we went to this awesome castle at Neuschwanstein in the Alps. Unfortunately one whole side of the castle was covered in scaffolding […]


Yesterday while I was out exploring I discovered this beautiful pink tree. Is it a cherry blossom? Maybe a tree scientist would know. Anyway, the tree was full of bees! Which is a bit of rarity these days I think. Tried to take some photos of them but unfortunately they don’t much like posing. Also […]