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Final set of Prague photos

Finally we come to the end of my holiday bloggings. In this, the final episode, Nick finally gets to ride on vlacek! I went on a train journey to KarlĹĄtejn, not a destination chosen entirely at random, as the guidebook said it had a nice castle: and it did! It’s 33km south east of Prague […]

Conference and a few more photos of Prague

As I was presenting a poster I couldn’t skive the whole conference, so I spent quite a lot of Tuesday listening to presentations. Still managed to get out in the morning for an hour or two, and there was an organized tour of the castle in the evening. Since this episode is a bit dull […]

Prague photos part 2

Woo! Another exciting episode of Nick’s holiday snaps! I hope you’re all enjoying them… After going to the first keynote talk of the conference I didn’t really fancy any of the later talks so went out for a walk. Unfortunately the walk lasted over nine hours so I didn’t do any more conferencing that day. […]

Back from holiday!

I’ve survived my trip abroad! Was really good. I didn’t exactly do a lot of conferencing, but I did all I was required to. Prague is an incredibly pretty city, but some of the touristy areas are a bit tacky to say the least. However they have a truly excellent public transport system and I […]