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Snow day!

Last week doof.me.uk brought you coverage of fog. This week we bring you yet another weather phenomenon: snow! What to take a picture of to demonstrate “snow”? How about the Maidenhead bridge? A favourite of this blog, here it is covered in snow yesterday morning: Not wanting to be accused of bridge favouritism, here’s a […]


When I got up yesterday morning someone had turned on the fog! Here is a picture of the Maidenhead bridge featured several times previously on this blog now with added fog: No fog today so I’m going to Slough: updates to follow.


The weather has been terrible this weekend here in Berkshire: very wet and windy. However, the forecast promised sunshine this afternoon, so being optimistic, I decided to go for a walk up to Marlow. I really had fun, despite getting a little cold and muddy. First I went through Maidenhead Thicket, which is a nice […]


Went on an exploratory bike ride to the hitherto uncharted area south east of York. Discovered a village called Elvington. The route I went on had about a mile over a bumpy gravel/mud track which was not fun: my poor bum! Anyway, these are the things a real adventurer must go through when travelling out […]