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Train Valley

I’ve been playing this game Train Valley a lot recently. It’s a train puzzle game where you build tracks between stations and then madly switch the points around to route trains to their destinations while avoiding crashes. I think it really captures the aesthetic I was going for with my somewhat moribund Train Game. The […]

New TrainGame release

It’s been ages since I did much work on my unimaginatively-titled train driving game. Surprisingly some people have actually been trying to build the last release and it turns out anything using Boost bit-rots at an alarming pace. So I’ve bundled up the latest working version as TrainGame-0.2.2.tar.gz. It’s not all build fixes though. Looking […]

More or Less

I love More or Less on Radio 4. I did squee so much when it came back for a new series. It isn’t easy to make statistics both fun and intelligible. Also, I got horribly sunburnt yesterday :-(. But only on the top of my arms and face and not where my watch goes so […]

TrainGame updates

I’ve been quite silent about TrainGame recently, but it’s not dead! I have been working on it a little bit – here’s an up-to-date screenshot: The most obvious change is the new green train! Eventually there’ll be multiple trains driving around and you’ll have to take care not to bump into each other. I’ve also […]

TrainGame 0.2.1 released

TrainGame 0.2.1 is now available! This version is functionally identical to 0.2 but the scenery and track rendering code has been almost completely rewritten to improve performance. You should see an increase in frame rate of around 2x with a low-end integrated graphics card (e.g. Intel GMA) or 3-4x with a GPU which performs hardware […]

Train Game 0.2

I feel it’s about time I released another version of Train Game: so here it is, version 0.2! Like it’s predecessor this version isn’t really playable in any sense, but you can drive the train around a bit. Here’s a screenshot showing the two major new features: trees and uphill track: Building and Playing This […]

Trains on hills

After a flurry of Train Game development the train now goes up and down hills! Unfortunately all is not quite right in train land as sometimes when going up or down a steep hill the train intersects the waggons or goes way out in front as if on an invisible elastic band rather than a […]

Some thoughts on trees

I’ve been wondering for a while now what is the best way to add trees to Train Game. Trees seem fairly important for a train game seeing as trains mostly travel through the countryside where there are trees. (Except for my daily commute to work through Slough where there are no green things.) Anyway my […]

Train game update

A screen shot from the latest version of the train game. I’ve added smooth shading, water, earth, and more realistic colours for the ground. I’m currently trying to think of a name: “Trains!” and just “Train Game” I’ve considered. Not entirely happy with either. Unfortunately “Trainz” is already taken.

A game about trains

I’m currently writing a game based on driving trains. The idea is that you will be able to collect cargo, drive it around, and deliver it for profit. Winner is the one who makes the most money in the time period. You’ll be able to select the engine type: bigger engines are faster, but you […]