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Boring Machine

There’s a rather good program on the iplayer at the moment about infrastructure projects by that nice man Evan Davis off the radio: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01nd243/Built_in_Britain_Episode_1 It features the BORING MACHINES Ada and Phyllis (they’re German apparently). Blodgett recently alerted me to this excellent website which plots daily the current location of BORING MACHINES!


Got this really cute hemp chalk bag. Climbing is all about the fashion.


After being a little sceptical about our corporate day out to Thorpe Park I was pleasantly surprised by it being totally epic.

Mysterious Component

I thought managing over two years without washing machine malfunction was too good to be true. And lo it was. This time a mysterious banging noise was caused by these as yet unidentified components: Foolishly I forgot to ask the engineer what the problem was so washing machine lore has not grown. I’m pretty sure […]


Some genius from the intertubes has invented a recipe for bacon milkshake!!! Me and friend Winni made some yesterday and it is tasty meaty goodness. Here are some action shots to go along with the recipe. First step: fry the bacon! Bacon is the most important ingredient. We used one whole pack. Put the ice […]


I’m so excited about Eurovision this year. Not only will it be hosted in the glorious nation of Azerbaijan, but our entry will be veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck! This could only be improved by him singing his classic hit Lesbian Seagull. …oh wait, it just got better.


Just received a 32GB SanDisk microSD from Amazon for just twenty cash monies. Bargain! Stock up before someone notices. Still not as big as a coal lump though.


So after having no real problems with my flat for over a year, a few days ago my landlord phones to say he’ll be in India until the end of the month. The following day I wake up and there’s no hot water. This is completely unreasonably unlucky and I wish to protest. Update: should […]

Three Degrees of Separation

Just two people separate me from both President Obama and Sarah Palin on LinkedIn. Well chuffed.

Verified by Visa annoyances

It turns out that if your bank uses Verified by Visa and you use Firefox 5 or newer then you need to enable the “accept third party cookies” option or payments will mysteriously fail :-(.