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Lunar Lander 0.7

I spent a little time recently updating my lunar lander game. Nothing much changed gameplay-wise but I cleaned up the code and build system, and rewrote all the graphics code away from the “legacy” OpenGL fixed-function pipeline. I also fixed a number of small issues and removed the artificial fixed 30fps frame rate. I’ve made […]

New Lunar Lander Version

Almost a year since I released the last one, there’s a new lander-0.6.5.tar.gz package available. Nothing exciting: just fixing bit rot and some FreeBSD build fixes Dmitry Marakasov. Glad someone’s using it! 🙂

Updated Lunar Lander

I’ve released a minor update to my Lunar Lander clone. Version 0.6.3 0.6.4 fixes a build error when using recent versions of Boost that a couple of people have noticed. There’s also a new Dutch translation: Download it here: lander-0.6.4.tar.gz UPDATE: apparently some configure script changes I made cause breakage on FreeBSD so I’ve released […]

Minor Lunar Lander update

I’ve released an updated version of my Lunar Lander game: version 0.6.1. Aside from some minor packaging tweaks, the main new feature of this release is that it queries the system for a list of supported resolutions rather than using a predefined list. Source version is available here: lander-0.6.1.tar.gz. Windows and perhaps binary .deb to […]

Lunar Lander Update

I’ve just released a new version of Lunar Lander. This version doesn’t contain any new features, but the code has been cleaned up a lot to make it easier to port to new platforms. The Windows version has been improved greatly and now comes with a proper MSI installer. Additionally, there are a few gameplay […]

Lunar Lander on Windows

I’ve updated Lunar Lander 0.5 so it works on Windows. You can get a zip file containing the binaries here. The updated source archive contains the MSVC9 project files if you want to build it yourself. No installer yet since I built this with Visual Studio Express; if you desperately want an installer you can […]

Minor update to Lunar Lander

I’ve posted a small revision to Lunar Lander – lander-0.5.2.tar.gz. This fixes a few issues with the version I released last week: The sound lag problems on some Linux distributions has been greatly reduced (thanks to KernelJ) Harry J Mason fixed a segfault when the game was started with sound effects disabled (oops!) A Swedish […]

Lunar Lander 0.5

A new release of my Lunar Lander game, finally! This version features improved sound effects, some new obstacles, and much more polish. Check out the Lunar Lander page!

New Lunar Lander version

I’ve released version 0.4 of Lunar Lander! New features in this version: Sound effects! Much improved performance when no hardware acceleration is available Prettier effects Bug fixes Windows binaries for the first time in ages Get it here.

Lunar Lander update

I’ve posted an updated version of my Lunar Lander game. This is mostly a code clean-up of the last release, but it also features a new options screen and the ability to switch resolutions. Download it here.