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Archives for 2011

Deer in the way

Today I went for a walk near the house of my good friend and neighbour, the Queen. But the path through her garden was blocked by a herd of deer! Later on it brightened up a bit. Here is the bridge over Virginia Water: Virginia Water is a large man-made lake at the southern end […]

Pretty Norman Church

Here’s a pretty and very old Norman church I saw this morning: This is inside the remains of the Roman town at Silchester, which you may remember I visited last summer. Here, for comparison, is what the ruins look like in the winter. It’s still a very pleasant place!

Cuckoo Hashes in Lisp

I’ve been learning about cuckoo hashing this evening and to help with that I’ve written an implementation in Common Lisp that others might find useful: cuckoo.lisp. It provides a package cuckoo which exports make-cuckoo-hash, cuckoo-insert, cuckoo-lookup, and cuckoo-delete which perform the obvious hash-table operations. The key feature of cuckoo hashes, if you haven’t come across […]

TrainGame updates

I’ve been quite silent about TrainGame recently, but it’s not dead! I have been working on it a little bit – here’s an up-to-date screenshot: The most obvious change is the new green train! Eventually there’ll be multiple trains driving around and you’ll have to take care not to bump into each other. I’ve also […]

Loudwater, Henley, things in between

Yesterday I went for a walk between Loudwater (near High Wycombe) and Henley on Thames. Here’s roughly where I went: Distance was a tad over 14 miles. Not a lot of interesting things to report: it was mostly quiet countryside alternating between farmland and woodland. The Chiltern Hills are very pretty: I should go there […]

Sonning Bridge

Here’s a nice photo of the bridge at Sonning that I took a few weeks ago and forgot to post.

Chicken SLIME now an Egg

The Chicken Scheme SWANK implementation I’ve been working on is now available from the main Egg repository. So now you don’t need to faff about with Git and can install it like any other extension using: chicken-install slime Follow the instructions on the Chicken Wiki to get it set up. I’ll be mirroring changes in […]

Colne Valley

I went for a walk today in the Colne Valley. It’s a strange strip of land between West London and the M25 that can’t decide whether it wants to be part of the countryside or the city. It’s quite a nice part of the world anyway. Here’s where I went, from West Drayton – which […]

List outgoing changesets in Git

I normally use Git for my personal projects but at work I use Mercurial. While I prefer Git overall, Mercurial has some nice commands that are missing from Git. One particularly useful one is hg out which prints the changesets in your local repository that are missing from the remote. Here is a simple script […]

Muckle Flugga

It’s a real place! Best name ever. Here it is: View Larger Map