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Archives for 2011


Here’s one I assembled earlier: I’m going on a camping trip in a few weeks. Sooo unprepared.

Out and about

It was lovely and sunny this Saturday so it seemed like a good day to go for an adventure in the wild and barren lands of south Oxfordshire. I walked from Henley on a rather roundabout route to Wallingford. Here’s the ruined church that’s appeared on this blog before. This time swamped by blooming flowers. […]


Sweden! That’s where I was last weekend. I had been in Uppsala the week before on a business trip so I stayed for a few days to do some sightseeing. Alas this did mean I missed the royal wedding, but as compensation I did get to blast things with a neutron beam. On Saturday, after […]

Hastings Castle

I was back home in Hastings for the Easter weekend. My mum and I visited that often overlooked Hastings attraction: the castle! Granted, it’s not the most extensive or complete castle in the country, but it is historically significant and, well, local. Most of it has fallen into the sea or was demolished by over-enthusiastic […]

Royal fact-say

It’s less than a week to go until the most anticipated day of the year: the wedding of Kate and Wills. A momentous day in the history of our nation. And look, even the humble pound shops are joining the celebrations! Here at doof.me.uk we’re marking the occasion with a release of a special royal […]

Conky BBC weather

I’ve written a Ruby script called bbc-weather.rb that parses the BBC weather RSS for a particular location and formats the data for conky. Here’s an example: To use it insert the following in your .conkyrc: ${execpi 600 ruby /path/to/bbc-weather.rb 4197} This will refresh every hour. Replace 4197 with the number of your local weather station. […]

More or Less

I love More or Less on Radio 4. I did squee so much when it came back for a new series. It isn’t easy to make statistics both fun and intelligible. Also, I got horribly sunburnt yesterday :-(. But only on the top of my arms and face and not where my watch goes so […]

Extended Adventure Up North

I was away in Yorkshire last week visiting some northern acquaintances and going for a walk on the moors. I walked along the first part of the Cleveland way, from Helmsley to Kildale, and then got the train back to Middlesbrough and civilisation. Around 45 miles over three and a half days so not very […]

Officially Spring

I declare yesterday to have been the sunniest day of the year thus far, and so was an excellent day to visit hitherto unexplored parts of Buckinghamshire. Here’s roughly where I went: Saw lots of strange animals: a pheasant, a red kite, and a small red mammal that cannot be classified using the standard blodgett […]

Emacs commit message mode

Here’s a really trivial Emacs major mode for editing Git and Mercurial commit messages: commit-msg-mode.el. It works in basically the same way as the Vim mode, highlighting the summary line, help text, etc. To use it, put it on your load-path and add the following to your .emacs: (autoload ‘commit-msg-mode “commit-msg-mode” “Major mode for editing […]