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Archives for November, 2011

Sunny day

Nice sunny day today unlike the past week which has been cloudy and miserable. Here’s a pleasant field near Marlow, Bucks. This footpath was apparently opened by no less than the Right Honourable Theresa May MP. I feel privileged to walk on it. Here’s a picture of a seed pod thing. Maybe teasel. Experimenting with […]

Dangerous Mushroom

Here’s a weird looking mushroom I saw in Winchester yesterday: Danger! Do not sample! Sample may cause DEATH.

Around Pangbourne

Blodgett was querying whether November was a bit cold and dreary to go walking. Most assuredly not! This time of year is wonderful for walking. And not too cold as long as you go fast enough. Although you have to be careful not to get caught out in the dark. Today I went for a […]

Writing a VHDL compiler

I haven’t posted much about any of my projects for a some time. This is because I’ve spent the past few months squirrelling away on something new: a while ago I decided a good way to learn more about VHDL would be to write a parser/checker for it. I had a vague plan of using […]