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Archives for 2010


Yesterday evening I went for a walk around the remains of the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum at Silchester a few miles south of Reading. Silchester is rare in that it was abandoned after the end of the Roman empire, leaving the walls, an amphitheater, and various other archaeological bits largely undisturbed. It’s a very […]

A tasty paprika stew

Unusually for me, I here recommend a foodstuff! It’s a synthesis of a couple of different recipes I found, so probably not authentic Hungary-food, but quite tasty. Things you will need: Stewing beef Onions Potatoes Bacon Beef stock Paprika Caraway seeds Garlic Some of these ingredients seem a bit suspicious but they’re probably OK in […]

Kew to Battersea

What interesting things exist between Kew and Battersea? I set off yesterday to answer this very question. It turns out there are quite a lot of bridges and some mud. Only about another 16 miles and I will have walked all the way from home to the Thames barrier!


Blodgett just reminded me of another useful tool we made a few years ago: cowshell! Cowshell provides a more user-friendly interface to the Linux shell by wrapping the output in multi-coloured cows. Here is an example session: Cowshell is a Perl script that you can acquire here. You will need cowsay and maybe some Perl […]

Slough Caverns

I’ve been working in Slough for 10 months now but I never knew about the extensive system of caves recently discovered under Tesco! * May not be accurate


I went to Oxford today. I haven’t been since I was 18 when I had an interview there. Remember it being quite terrifying – was much nicer today! Oxford has several good museums: the History of Science museum was particularly good. I liked the temporary exhibit they have at the moment containing a poetic homage […]

Another xcowsay application

Why not use xcowsay as a visual aid during presentations? http://www.flickr.com/photos/x_jamesmorris/3951228343/

My first WordPress plugin

I’ve written a WordPress plugin to generate a browser for all the NextGEN Gallery albums that you have. You can see it in action on my photos page. To install you must be using the NGG plugin (obviously) and then just place ngg-album-browse.php in your wp-content/plugins folder. Activate it, then you can use the following […]

Things in Maidenhead

Contrary to popular opinion, there are several interesting things in Maidenhead. And here I have made some pictures of them! This is the Brunel bridge which has been featured on this blog several times previously. The arches are incredibly wide and flat: such an awesome bit of engineering. Soon to be upgraded when the west […]

TrainGame 0.2.1 released

TrainGame 0.2.1 is now available! This version is functionally identical to 0.2 but the scenery and track rendering code has been almost completely rewritten to improve performance. You should see an increase in frame rate of around 2x with a low-end integrated graphics card (e.g. Intel GMA) or 3-4x with a GPU which performs hardware […]