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Archives for 2010

Back to Winchester

As you may or may not know, I used to live in Winchester while I was doing a placement year at a certain large American mega-corporation. I hadn’t set foot in the place for over four years, so I decided to go back and visit yesterday as it’s only an hour by train from where […]

A bug for Blodgett

What is it? Where does it come from? Where is it going? Here it comes out of the undergrowth! Seriously, I have no idea what it is! I’m sure I’ve never seen one before. This is my first foray into macro photography and I don’t think it was wholly successful. Still, this next one is […]

Maidenhead bridge from an exciting new angle

I’ve been living in Maidenhead for a whole year now but just last weekend I discovered that what I thought was a private island in the Thames is actually open for several months a year. So here’s what I thought was quite a nice picture of Maidenhead taken from the bridge to the island:

Chelsea to Waterloo

Onwards then, along the Thames path! I went for a bit of a wander through London yesterday, and to do some museuming. Unfortunately, the weather was not the bright sun predicted by the met office but overcast with intermittent rain. Oh well. Here are some pictures I took. They’re not particularly interesting but I’d hate […]

Raw milk

Raw milk! Fresh, flavoursome, rich and creamy, and straight from the cow! Nothing beats the the wholesome taste of raw milk! Here’s a glass of that scrumptious substance I had yesterday. Held bravely by my mum, who was inexplicably terrified of it. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Skipton Castle and the York Bunker

I went up north last weekend and visited two historical attractions! York nuclear bunker is an interesting but slightly creepy former fallout monitoring station in Acomb. I also went to to Skipton castle which is a short train ride from york. It’s grand! Compact but well preserved. I would like to congratulate whoever wrote the […]

Station Jim

I may well have mentioned Station Jim on this blog previously, but I don’t think I have devoted a whole article to him, which he most certainly deserves. This is Station Jim. He is a dead dog. Very very dead. In fact, he has been dead and on display at Slough train station for over […]

Minor Lunar Lander update

I’ve released an updated version of my Lunar Lander game: version 0.6.1. Aside from some minor packaging tweaks, the main new feature of this release is that it queries the system for a list of supported resolutions rather than using a predefined list. Source version is available here: lander-0.6.1.tar.gz. Windows and perhaps binary .deb to […]


I thought this was a wonderful radio documentary on the decline of the steel industry on Teesside: *sniff* http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00t5zp5/Archive_on_4_Redcar_Made_of_Steel/

Henley to Reading

It’s been ages since I last explored westwards along the Thames, not since last September in fact. So today I walked the nine miles or so from Henley down to Reading. I struggled to find much interesting to take photos of, but here is a picture of the bridge at Henley showing the slightly threatening […]