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Archives for December, 2010


Here in Hastings it’s been cold just like the rest of the country. I walked right up to the highest point in the area a few days ago and it’s still covered in snow. Here is some evidence of a cow caught on the fence: This is probably the final post of the year which […]

Borked Sheep

This sheep, it not functioning anymore.


My dad has some magical glass that he can put in front of his camera to make things sparkle! Here I borrowed the camera and applied the sparklizer to the Christmas tree!

Scheme on TV

Here’s a collection of interesting Scheme videos you can watch instead of the usual Christmas TV: http://programming-musings.org/2009/12/23/scheme-lectures-mostly The Guy Steele Designing by Accident talk on the history of Scheme is really good (download the slides first). Watch the Gerald Sussman one too (it’s short!). Also, who doesn’t want to know the value of ((call/cc call/cc) […]

Using SLIME with Chicken Scheme

Common Lisp programmers are blessed with the awesome SLIME development environment for Emacs; but sadly Schemers have nothing comparable. There are a few SLIME backends for various Schemes around, in varying states of completeness, but as far as I can tell none for my Scheme implementation of choice: Chicken Scheme. Therefore I present swank-chicken: a […]

Confused Amazon recommendation

There’s probably some deep connection I’m missing.