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Archives for April, 2010

Train Game 0.2

I feel it’s about time I released another version of Train Game: so here it is, version 0.2! Like it’s predecessor this version isn’t really playable in any sense, but you can drive the train around a bit. Here’s a screenshot showing the two major new features: trees and uphill track: Building and Playing This […]

Shepperton Lock: a hive of terrorism?

Yesterday I went on a walk from Staines to Twickenham along the Thames. It’s not the most interesting part of the river Thames by any means so I don’t have many photos to share. However, when I came to Shepperton Lock near Weybridge, Surrey I see that the local police force have collected the full […]

So, farewell then, Slough bus station

If you live in the Slough area it can’t have escaped your notice that Slough bus station is currently being demolished under the guise of the Heart of Slough regeneration project and replaced with a strange hybrid of a crustacean and a fan heater that changes colour with the weather (I’m not joking). The library […]

Hooray for the funicular railway

It’s Easter today but even more importantly the East Hill funicular railway in Hastings has reopened! Hastings has not one but two funicular railways, the other one is longer but shallower and appropriately positioned on the West Hill. The East Hill lift has been closed for several years due to an unfortunate accident but is […]