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Archives for January, 2010

An end to the washing machine saga?

I have a new washing machine! Hopefully this one will be less problematic than the last few. A brief inspection reveals it comes from the “fancy pants” school of washing machine design. On top we see the rather complicated instruction manual which complements the confusing array of dials and buttons on the front panel. Luckily […]


The MECHANICAL PIG has been switched back on! Watch it do its piggy thing on Twitter! Interact with it on PIG CONSOLE! What will the MECHANICAL PIG do? Only you can decide!

Disaster narrowly averted

Earlier this evening I was making mashed potato as I am sometimes known to do. After boiling the potato until ripe and tender I prepared the items for the next stage: milk, salt, pepper, and the all important masher. What else? Butter, of course! The most vital ingredient. No butter in the butter hopper. Hmm. […]

Why do washing machines hate me?

I’ve just suffered my fourth washing machine malfunction in 12 months. Why does this keep happening to me!!! 🙁 Here is a brief recap: The first washing machine had some sort of problem where it would chew up its insides and spit them out over the clothes. This was replaced but then… The new washing […]

Frozen canal

There are some who would claim that Slough is a frozen wasteland all year round. This is obviously rubbish, but it is very much frozen now as you can see from these photos I took when I went for a walk yesterday lunchtime:

xcowsay 1.2

After nearly 18 months I’m releasing a new version of xcowsay! Release 1.2 doesn’t contain any new major features but it does contain a number of bug fixes and small improvements requested by 1.1 users. These include: Fixed bugs relating to multiple monitors: the cow will no longer be spliced across two screens and a […]

A scientific experiment

I was conversing with blodgett recently on the subject of the large rubber duck I received for Christmas. I found myself unable to give an accurate estimate on how many times larger this new duck was than the regular common rubber duck. I guessed it was perhaps four times as large. Before reading the rest […]


Just got back home to Maidenhead. Unfortunately, due to my zealous switching off of everything it is very cold and there is no hot water. Bother. I’m a treating this as a training exercise for my trip to Norway at the end of the month were temperatures will apparently be in the -15C region. Not […]