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Archives for 2009

Conference and a few more photos of Prague

As I was presenting a poster I couldn’t skive the whole conference, so I spent quite a lot of Tuesday listening to presentations. Still managed to get out in the morning for an hour or two, and there was an organized tour of the castle in the evening. Since this episode is a bit dull […]

Prague photos part 2

Woo! Another exciting episode of Nick’s holiday snaps! I hope you’re all enjoying them… After going to the first keynote talk of the conference I didn’t really fancy any of the later talks so went out for a walk. Unfortunately the walk lasted over nine hours so I didn’t do any more conferencing that day. […]

Back from holiday!

I’ve survived my trip abroad! Was really good. I didn’t exactly do a lot of conferencing, but I did all I was required to. Prague is an incredibly pretty city, but some of the touristy areas are a bit tacky to say the least. However they have a truly excellent public transport system and I […]

Off on holiday

I’m going to be away for most of the next week on holitag in Prague! Ostensibly to present a poster at a conference, but I’ll likely skive off to do some sightseeing. Definitely not going to miss the session on “watermarking, chip ID, and IP protection”: should be very useful for my imminent corporate career. […]

Spudski Kartoffelstampfer

I have a new potato masher! Received as present from my mum. It is Spudski Kartoffelstampfer. Here it is: First impressions are good: the handle is soft and comfortable to grip; the shaft is longer than most mashers giving good leverage against the potato. It’s plastic so it won’t scrape away the pan, but feels […]

Wonder of Modern Science

I received an 8GB microSD card from the tubes today. It is small! But it contains 8GB of datas??! How have have scientists achieved this??!! Wondrous. Here it is next to its mothership that turns it into a regular SD card: UPDATE: readers have demanded the microSD card be compared to the coal lump previously […]

MECHANICAL PIG goes web 2.0

Recently the MECHANICAL PIG joined Twitter. Now the pig has been upgraded to take advantage of the emergent collective intelligence of web 2.0! The MECHANICAL PIG can now be controlled via the remote PIG TERMINAL. Users upload programs in the PIG CONTROL LANGUAGE for the pig to execute on Twitter!

Coal lump

By popular request, here is a photo of the coal lump extracted from the mine.

Coal Mining Museum

Went to the National Coal Mining Museum on the way up to York on Thursday. It’s fantastic! Well worth visiting if you’re near Wakefield and have even the slightest interest in mining. Best bit was the underground tour with a real miner! Proper northern as well. Got a fist-sized lump of coal out of the […]

Foot disease

I’ve just looked at my feet and something shocking has happened: The feet display a non-uniform colour! What terrible disease have I acquired?! Stay away: it might be contagious!