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Archives for June, 2009

Lunar Lander Update

I’ve just released a new version of Lunar Lander. This version doesn’t contain any new features, but the code has been cleaned up a lot to make it easier to port to new platforms. The Windows version has been improved greatly and now comes with a proper MSI installer. Additionally, there are a few gameplay […]


Important news! We have successfully simulated a mechanical pig! This breakthrough has been accomplished by the ingenious combination of the PIG INTERFACE LANGUAGE and the PIG CONTROL LANGUAGE. Sample program: PIG DIVISION GRUNT OINK GOTO MUD PIGNAP MUD DIVISION ROLL ROLL ROLL GOTO TRUFFLES PIGNAP TRUFFLES DIVISION EAT EAT EAT GOTO PIG PIGNAP Sample run: […]

Train game research

A few days ago a team of researchers from doof.me.uk visited the North York moors railway to gather information for traingame. Additionally, the scientists explored the moors and the nice little town of Pickering. Research results are attached below. Not all of them have captions this time :-(.

Bike upgrade!

New features have been added to the bike! Now with foot, pump holder, and bottle cage. Woo for closing down bike shop sale! Current status: Have also cleaned the chain and mechanisms and applied lubricant. My hands were covered in dirt and oil just like a real engineer! 😀 Looks shiny. Went for ride round […]


In the year 2000 most of us will live in complex cities and sophisticated new forms of building must be developed to shelter us! Here’s a programme to make you proud to be British: “Meet the British” on BBC4. It’s a collection of propaganda videos made by the government between 1950 and 1980 to advertise […]

PowerShell and Git living in harmony

I’m porting some of my programs to Windows at the moment in the hopes of getting access to a bigger market. Turns out that git actually works quite nicely in MS PowerShell. How lovely!