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Archives for 2009


I recently discovered I live quite close to one of the least-used railway stations in the country! How could I resit a visit to Doleham station? With just 56 passengers in 2007/8 Doleham station is a pretty quiet place. What is there to see and do once you arrive at Doleham? This helpful map shows […]

Rye Harbour

Went to Rye Harbour today. Took some pictures! You may remember doof.me.uk brought you coverage of the other side of this channel earlier in the year. If you ever go to Rye church look out for the memorial to Captain Haddock.

Some observations on the subject of cows

I’m back at home in Hastings at the moment. Went on the hill near our house with t’family this afternoon and encountered this herd of cows. They are cute! It looks like they are well prepared for the snow with all that hair!

Christmas cakesniffer

cakesniffer.co.uk has been decorated for the festive season! My thanks to blodgett for doing the hard work.


Do you remember the mystery artefact I found in a Knorr chicken stock cube? Well, I sent it back to their lab for analysis and they actually replied! 😀 Here is the letter they sent (with some sensitive informations redacted): They also included a coupon for £5 off any Unilever product (apparently they own Knorr). […]

Snow day!

Last week doof.me.uk brought you coverage of fog. This week we bring you yet another weather phenomenon: snow! What to take a picture of to demonstrate “snow”? How about the Maidenhead bridge? A favourite of this blog, here it is covered in snow yesterday morning: Not wanting to be accused of bridge favouritism, here’s a […]

Some stray notes upon Slough and Upton

I stumbled upon this book today: Some stray notes upon Slough and Upton written in 1892 by Richard Bentley, a local historian. I haven’t read much of it yet, but from the first few pages we learn that Slough “is a very healthy place” and has an “inspiriting air”. The latter a quote from the […]

Burnham and Slough Trading Estate

As mentioned in the previous post, I went for a walk from Maidenhead to Slough via Burnham today. I took a few photos for the benefit of those that don’t live in the area. Here we are then at the Brunel railway bridge in Maidenhead. This is probably the most famous of Maidenhead’s two Thames […]


When I got up yesterday morning someone had turned on the fog! Here is a picture of the Maidenhead bridge featured several times previously on this blog now with added fog: No fog today so I’m going to Slough: updates to follow.

Burnham Beeches

Went for a walk to Burnham Beeches today. It’s a nice wooded area to the north west of Slough. I started off in Maidenhead so here’s a picture of the bridge: Maidenhead has a pair of very nice bridges. The Brunel railway bridge is just downstream from here and worth a visit. The walk to […]