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Archives for May, 2008

xcowsay 1.0 released!

Woo! xcowsay is now finished! Download it here. Please add comments, bug reports, suggestions, whatever. UPDATE: Now on freshmeat!

A gettext i18n tutorial

I’ve recently struggled with GNU gettext for internationalizing some of my programs. This, for the benefit of other people who, like me, can’t be bovered to read the documentation, is the method I’ve used successfully: I’m assuming you have a standard GNU autoconf/automake setup. If you don’t, there’s a lot of manual work to do. […]

Meta-Ruby for the win!

So… let’s suppose you’re hacking away in Ruby and you mistype a method name: irb(main):001:0> 5.clas NoMethodError: undefined method `clas’ for 5:Fixnum from (irb):1 Obviously I *meant* to type ‘class’, but I got the arity (0) right and the spelling wrong. I propose an extension to Ruby based on the hypothesis that typos are more […]

Cakesniffing on Rails

A Web 2.0 application for cakesniffers everywhere: cakesniffer-or-not.